Balanced Man Scholarship Application

Part I : General Information

 First name

 Middle name Leave it blank if you don't have a middle name

 Last name

 Parent/Guardian name

 Address   City

 State (i.e. CA)   Zipcode

 Dorm and room (i.e. Philips B1)

 Phone number (i.e. (310)-xxx-xxxx)


 CWID    This is your 10-digit Pepperdine ID and this can be found on the top-left of Wavenet.

 Date of birth (i.e. 02/15/1994)  Graduation year (i.e. 2016)

 Unweighted high school G.P.A.  Weighted high school G.P.A.

  ACT and SAT scores (i.e. 32/2210. Enter one if only one is applicable)


  High school name

Part II : Essay

Did you receive any awards or in high school (academic, athletic, serviceľoriented, musical etc)?
Maximum 3 sentences.

Did you play sports? If not, explain why not. If so, list what sports and for how many years, and then describe how your experience with playing them made you into a more balanced person and leader?
Maximum 5 sentences.

Do you have a favorite book? What is it and why is it your favorite?
Maximum 5 sentences.

Why did you choose Pepperdine? What do you hope to achieve at Pepperdine and what do you hope to get out of your time here?
Maximum 7 sentences.

Is there a career or area of life you would like to work in after school? If so, what it is and why you are drawn towards it?
Maximum 5 sentences.

Did you do any sort of community service during high school? If so, explain what it is and why you feel it was important or not important to do.
Maximum 5 sentences.

Do you have any leadership experience, e.g. student government, captain of sports teams, leader of a band etc? List your leadership experience and talk about your experience as a leader.
Maximum 5 sentences.

Why do you deserve this scholarship?
Maximum 7 sentences.

Are you interested in Greek life? Why or why not?
Maximum 5 sentences.