Balanced Man Scholarship ($1000.00)
Apply here
- Must be an incoming freshmen/sophomore to Pepperdine University Seaver College as of Fall 2013.
- Must be the first college to attend. (not a transfer from other colleges)
- Must be a male.
-We at Sigma Phi Epsilon strive to be leaders, scholars, athletes, and gentlemen. Every year we select a freshmen who we believe best embodies the balance of these characteristics. The applicants will go through multiple stages of selection based on their athleticism, leadership, and scholarly excellence. The application is straight forward and make sure you are eligible to apply. The banquet for this award will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2013 Good Luck.
Frequently Asked Questions
   Q. How can I apply?
  A. There is a "Apply Here" at the top of this page, and it will lead you to a page with instructions.

   Q. When is the deadline?
   A. The deadline is Friday, September 6, 2013.

   Q. Does this affect the outcome of other scholarships at all?
   A. No, the applications are privately processed and the award is directly given to by our fraternity.

  Q. I am a female. Can I not apply at all?
  A. We would love you to apply. However, this year, we are not giving any funds out to females.

   Q. I am an international student and usually not eligible for a scholarship. Can I apply?
   A. Yes, you are eligible to apply.

   Q. Will I have to pay tax on the scholarship?
   A. We are not responsible for tax liability, and so please check with the IRS when you get the award.

   Q. I will be an incoming freshmen to Pepperdine University but I won't be able to enroll until the Spring semester. Can I still apply?
   A. No, the application takes place in the beginning of the Fall semester.

   Q. I will be enrolling to Pepperdine University but not into Seaver College. Can I still apply?
   A. If you're not enrolling as an undergraduate student, then you cannot apply.